When babies are born, they usually need to sleep and explore the world. As they grow, this starts to change. If you see your child as being content in a swing, then it is likely they might be using it as a security object or escape tool that lets them feel protected while still feeling connected with you. The article will cover the harmful effects of a baby sleeping in swings and investigate how to break these habits before they become long-term and affect your child’s development.

How to Break Habit of Baby Sleeping in Swing? Methods

1. Habituate sleeping in cribs and bassinet

During the day, when your baby is awake, place them in a crib/bassinette instead of allowing them to sleep in the swing. In no time at all, your child will start to associate the crib/bassinette with sleep.

2. Remove the baby swing when not in use

If you want to give your baby a “baby swing,” then make sure you take it out of their room when it is not used.

3. Set a time limit

If you want your baby to sleep more than an hour or so in the swing, then you should remove them from the swing after that amount of time has passed.

4. Do not give your baby a comfort object in the swing

Avoid putting stuffed animals inside of swings because this creates a feeling of security and will keep your baby from sleeping elsewhere.

5. Hold baby when sleeping

Avoid using a swing as an escape tool. Instead, get the baby to sleep in your arms and alternate the way you hold them often.

6. Leave the room empty if you want your child to sleep

By leaving the room empty, you create a need for your baby to keep searching for where they would like to go. This is an excellent exercise for their sense of discovery and will help them learn about their world in a way that makes them feel safe and secure.

7. Dress baby in a snug-fitting, loose and breathable sleepwear

If you allow your child to sleep in a swing, they will usually let their clothes slide off, which can create a feeling of insecurity that they are not safe and secure. Wearing clothing that is loose and comfortable will remind them that they are safe.

8. Change up the location of the baby’s swing

Change the location of the swing so that it is not always in the same place, and do not allow your baby to sleep in it.

9. Keep the baby swing out of sight

If you want to give your child a “baby swing,” do not leave it in plain view so that they cannot get used to sleeping in it.

10. Use baby gates on all doors

When your baby sleeps in a crib, have baby gates that can be removed from the doorways. 

Reasons Why Baby Swings Are Inappropriate as Sleeping Places for Babies

Babies can become entangled in loose bedding dangling from the swing while they are asleep and wake up distressed.

The straps that keep the baby suspended in the swing are another possible strangulation hazard.

Babies can become chilled and ill in most baby swings because the seat is usually not very well insulated, and babies tend to overheat after a few minutes in a swing.

Babies placed in a baby swing to sleep should not be allowed to sleep more than an hour at a time in them.

Babies will become so used to the swing that when they are placed on the floor, they cannot move themselves.

If the baby falls asleep in the swing, then they will not be able to move and will suffocate.

Babies should not be put to bed in a swing because they need to move to develop appropriately.

How to Use a Baby Swing Safely?

Swings are intended to be used when you want your baby to take a nap in them.

Bedding can get caught in the straps of a swing and pose a strangulation risk to your baby.

If you notice that your seat cushions feel cold, then it is time to turn off the swing and remove your baby from it.

You should never put your baby to sleep in a swing if they cannot move freely.

Babies should not be used to nap in a swing throughout the day and night, as this can make them dependent on a swing and an escape tool. Giving your child “baby swings” usually happens when you want to give them a safe place to relax.

If you give your child a “baby swing” and then allow them to sleep in it, then they are likely to believe this is an acceptable way of resting.

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There are several reasons why baby swings are unsafe and should not be used to sleep or as an escape tool. If you allow your child to sleep in a swing, they are likely to take sleeping in the swing for granted, which can lead to them becoming dependent on the swing. Sleep is best learned in the comfort of their bed and not in the confines of a “baby swing.”