There is a question commonly asked by parents and grandparents about whether they should buy a baby swing. So what is the difference between “do I need a baby swing?” and “I don’t need a baby swing?” and how can you decide? This article will provide you with the information to know when swinging your baby would be beneficial for your child, as well as reasons why it may not be the best option.

Benefits of Baby Swings

1. Helps with naps

If your baby has a hard time going to sleep and needs to nap often during the day, baby swings can help with this. Babies are used to being in the womb where they feel constant movement, so they may struggle with napping when there is no similar motion. The swing will provide that same motion to help them to sleep.

2. Mimics the womb

In addition to moving in a way that mimics the womb, many baby swings can also rock side-to-side or sway back and forth just like the motion you would feel while in the womb. The swinging back and forth mimics the mother as she walks around, but the side-to-side movement is used to simulate a feeling of being rocked by a larger body.

3. Helps with development

Just as babies are used to feeling in the womb, they are also used to feeling different sensations around them. Since their bodies are so small compared to the size of their mother’s belly, they can only handle things that are very close to them. Babies know when something touches them as well as the force or pressure behind it. The baby swing can provide a level of stimulation for your child that is not available just by bouncing them in your arms or gently rocking them in a glider chair.

4. Provides gentle motion

A baby swing provides a gentle swaying motion to your child every time they are in it. The rocking motion is often not enough to put your baby to sleep, but it does help with calming them down and reducing crying and fussiness. The rocking motion also simulates what a mother would do when she walked around, helping awaken and feed her child better.

5. Can be used as a seat

In addition to using the swing as a swing or a glider, you can also use it as a seat for when you need to read or maybe hold on to them while you watch TV or go on social media accounts. Although a bouncer or other seats are also suitable for this, baby swings are usually lower to the ground and more significant and comfier for your child.

6. Stimulates the system

Babies’ brains are still developing, even into their first two years of life. The constant motion that a swing provides is like a mini-workout for your body, which can help to develop their limbs and stronger muscles. This is especially true if they are kept in there longer than they need to be, so make sure you only use them when you need them.

7. Hands-free mummy

Although babies need to be held often, this can sometimes be a little awkward. Having your baby for long periods can cause tired arms and shoulders. Swings provide an easy way to swing your baby while doing other things you would instead not do, like cooking or getting ready for work/school. Baby swings allow you to have them in your arms while not handling or holding them at all. 

8. Can keep baby from crying

Sometimes babies with colic may be bothered by wind and bumping into things inside the house while sleeping on their back. The soothing motion of the swing can keep a baby who gets frustrated easily calm and their minds satisfied.

9. Entertainment for baby

Even though babies are not old enough to watch television or even notice it, the movement of the swing can be enough to entertain your child, keeping them happy and thus quiet so you can do other things or prepare for bedtime.

10. Ease colic

Colic is a condition that causes babies to cry for long periods, usually occurring in babies three months or younger. While there is no cure for colic, many parents agree that using a baby swing can soothe their baby’s stomach and help them get over colic quicker.

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After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of whether or not you need to buy a baby swing and why it may or may not be beneficial for your child. This is one of those items that will always have people on either side of the fence, so make sure you think about your options before purchasing one! Although not a complete solution to all of your baby’s sleeping and napping needs, but they can help them get over any issues bothering them while in that stage of their development.