Newborns need your time and attention but being a new mum you might find it difficult to manage both the house chores and spend time with your baby. In this situation, baby swings come to the rescue and provide comfort to your baby while you are busy with your routine tasks.

For fussy babies, a baby swing is an ultimate solution to keep them calm and relaxed. If you already have it, you are blessed. But new parents find it a challenging task to handle their crying and restless baby. They must know about the benefits and importance of baby swings. This article is specifically for those parents.

What Is a Baby Swing?

A baby swing is a chair that swings like a pendulum and provides calmness and serenity to the sobbing baby. Some swings have straps to secure the baby in place, while others just have an infant seat. Swings typically require batteries or electricity and come with different levels of motion.

Features of a Baby Swing

Baby swings are usually portable, and some attach to the parent’s arms, legs, or back.
– Baby swings range in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. 
– Some baby swings attach to portable infant seats, which is an additional feature in it. 
– Baby swings are generally used for short periods of time during the day. This helps parents to work on their chores and other tasks.

When and Why You Need a Baby Swing?

There are many reasons why you should own a baby swing. If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, who is trying to keep the baby calm and placid while working, this is the most preferable option for you to purchase. 

Moreover, babies feel secure in the swing which leads them to fall asleep peacefully. Infants take short naps on the swings which helps them to regain their health and energy before getting hungry again. 

Why Do Babies Enjoy the Swing?

Swinging helps babies relieve excess gas, calm themselves down, and to feel more secure. It is a way of soothing. It is also good for exercising babies that are too young to crawl or walk around. The swinging motion calms the baby and helps it fall asleep more quickly. It makes the baby feel at ease while being rocked like a swinging hammock or being in the mother’s womb.

Just like adults, babies get bored easily. They need stimulation and will find ways to entertain themselves. Most of the time if a baby is crying, it is due to boredom and non-active periods. Swings provide that missing entertainment through various sounds and movements. There are different types of swings available on the market, but the most common ones are sound-oriented and durable. 

How Does a Baby Swing Work?

When the baby is in a sitting position, the swing fixes itself to the parent. This helps the baby to move around the whole house with ease and relaxation. When infants are born, they lack movement and reflexes. They cannot control their muscles or work themselves around. A baby can be held and rocked until it falls asleep, which helps stimulate all its senses. However, excessive rocking can result in a lack of muscle tone and hyperactivity. When a baby is held in a baby swing, it is moved in such a way that the baby does not feel like it is being controlled. The child can be placed on the swing and then left for several hours. Depending on the type of swing, it may have music or other sounds to keep it entertained. Some swings can also be folded up which helps in storage and safe-keeping. 

List of Benefits of Baby Swing

1. Saves Your Time and Energy

The best thing about a baby swing is its portability option which provides ample support to the parents for keeping their arms free for any work or task. In this way, without spending all your time and energy to calm down the baby, you will be able to complete your daily house jobs and the baby will be comfortably lying in the swing, providing no disturbance or discomfort.

2. Entertains Your Baby

There are different types of motions a baby swing may offer such as vibrational, bouncing, swinging, etc. These motions keep the baby amused throughout the day and renders it a peaceful rest. 

3. Helps in Developing Motor Skills

You might have seen there are colorful toys, lights, or other accessories hanging in the baby swings. These toys and lights help to develop and sharpen their motor skills. Their response towards sounds, lights, and colors helps in understanding their reactions and emotions towards a particular object. 

4. Cushioning Helps Your Baby With Sleep

The soft, cushioning effect of the baby swing provides comfort and helps to take a restful nap when they get tired. The padded seats and high-quality material used in the baby swings help to keep your child safe and secure. 

5. Portable

Most of the time, baby swings are manufactured in a portable design which helps in easy transportation when moving outdoors or to meet some relatives or friends. Both the mobile motions and portability of baby swing make it a perfect solution for your noisy little one.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Baby Swing

The high number of choices on the market makes it difficult for finding the right baby swing. But with some guidance and a few tips, it will be much easier for you to select the right equipment.

1. Safety

When shopping for baby swings, always check whether they are safe for use in your room or not. Even if they seem to be safe, it is advisable to buy from an authorized dealer only.
Go through the instructions carefully and learn how the swing functions, what kind of materials are used and how it can keep the baby entertained.

2. Variations in Motion

There should be multiple options to move the swing so your baby must not get tired of the same motion. These variations render flexibility to the swing and help in the baby’s enjoyment. 

3. Bedding

The bedding material of the equipment must be comfortable for the baby. It must not be too firm or fluffy as that would make it unsuitable.

4. Weight and Age Limitations

Experts advise not to use baby swings for babies who weigh more than 30 pounds. The variety of baby swings that are available on the market support an average weight of 25 to 30 pounds. It is not advisable to use these swings for babies younger than one month.

5. Sound

The sound of the swing must be soft and soothing so that it doesn’t interfere with your baby’s sleep. It indicates that the baby is asleep when the music or sound goes numb. 
There are different options to control the volume of the swing according to the need.

6. Positioning

Opt for baby swings that are adjustable in all four directions or those which can maneuver in the front direction. It is more convenient for you to choose one of these options instead of buying a fixed swing.

7. Comfort

When you buy a baby swing, try and see if it is comfortable to use and place it on the bed while sleeping. Try to ensure it doesn’t make noise when it is moved or when the baby is displaced from it. 

8. Price

The price of the baby swing varies with the quality of the swing. The best quality swings are expensive while on the other hand, budget-friendly ones are available on the market in moderate to low quality.

9. Warranty

Ask for a warranty on the purchased product as it provides a sense of assurance and satisfaction. In case of any defect, you can claim the warranty if it’s within the time period. It also reflects the trust that the company has in its product. 

10. Quality

Baby swings come in several varieties with a lot of different functions. It is essential to choose the best baby swing that meets the needs and requirements. 

Best Baby Swings Brands 

These are the most popular brands of baby swings because of their high-quality product range, durability and reliability. To help you choose, here are guidelines for buying quality baby swings.

1) Cozy Mama

Cozy Mama is a unique, ultra-sophisticated baby carrier that helps in evenly distributing the weight of the baby with maximum comfort and safety. You can wear it with ease, thanks to the contours of your body, which provide natural lumbar support. It is a trendy carrier, designed for everyday use. You can carry your child on your back or in front of you without needing an infant insert. It has a pocket for an insert, which is sold separately. The fabric of the baby carrier is soft and breathable. The belt can be adjusted individually for each wearer to find the perfect fit for their body shape and size. Cozy Mama also includes a hood that protects the infant’s head and neck from cold, wind, rain, or Sun. 

2) Graco Gliding Air Swing

Graco Gliding Air Swing is a swing that has dual seating options. It is easy to clean as it is made of wipeable fabric with a seat pad that can be removed and machine washed. It is made of light plastic parts, which are easy to move around and transport when the swing isn’t in use or you want to take it with you. This makes it a good choice for traveling parents. The plastic fans make noise as the swing moves, which keeps the baby entertained. It has a tray with toys that can be taken out and put back in if your child becomes bored with them. The swing is powered by four C batteries, which are not included when you purchase the swing.

4) Phil & Ted’s Navigator Deluxe Glider Swing

Phil & Ted’s Navigator Deluxe Glider Swing is a bin among baby swings for good reason. It is portable and space-efficient, which makes it easy to stash away when you are not using it or traveling with it. It is easy to assemble and is convenient to take with you outside on a sunny day. It can be folded up into a compact unit too. The baby will be entertained during the entire day as the swing moves back and forth or spins in circles. The material is soft and comfortable for your infant and the seat pad can be removed easily for washing. The swing chain and canopy can be detached for washing, free of worry about damage to it. There is also a toy compartment below the swing which is easily accessible and can be removed for washing. The swing also folds up into a small package that can fit inside a bag for storage.

5) Graco Gliding Swing With Stand and Storage Basket

Graco Gliding Swing with stand and storage basket is made of quality materials that are designed to last. It has an easy-to-use function that you can control from where you are seated as well as from the room where it is located. It can be used by itself or you can bring a seat with it. It is very easy to assemble. You do not have to worry about taking the wrong color parts home. Some swing sets are small and flimsy, but the Graco Gliding Swing ensures compactness and durability. The storage basket underneath helps in stashing toys that your child develops a liking for. This swing set is suitable for children up to 35 pounds.

6) Fisher-Price Rainforest Playset

Fisher-Price Rainforest Playset is designed for outdoor use, although it can also be used indoors or in the house. It has a canopy that protects the baby from the Sun’s rays and can be removed at any time. The swing seat is made of soft material and can be placed inside the canopy when not in use. This ensures easy and efficient cleaning. The swing also has an adjustable seat that can be used as the child grows up. It has a three-point harness that provides a safe environment for children who love to swing to their heart’s content. 

The colors in the swing are vibrant and help in identifying toys when they fall on the ground. There are doors that open and close at the side of the swing seat. The swing is very easy to assemble and is relatively lightweight. It can be folded and made to disappear in a matter of seconds which makes it great for traveling.

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The baby swings are designed to offer comfort to your child. It will allow them to feel relaxed and comfortable as they lie down and look up at the stars or the clouds in the sky. They offer lots of benefits to the child. You can also choose a swing that is sturdy, easy to operate, and safe at the same time. Selecting a baby swing with efficient quality is essential since it is going to take care of your baby for a long time.